Ras Griot

Ras  Griot



Peace & Blessings, 

As a Griot in today's fast-paced and chaotic world, I fight to infuse words of inspiration and imagination into the minds and hearts of listeners.  These magical words have the power to heal and revive Spirit. They are word weapons: essential tools in the battle to shape our youth, communities, and culture into a more harmonious world.  My mission is to educate and entertain through an array of 'Edutainment' experiences for all audiences which include:  

  • Storytelling-Adventurous tales from throughout the African Diaspora told in the sacred way of the Griot.  These tales address universal themes of Love, Respect, Courage, Faith, Perseverance & more
  • Poetry- Inspiring works of original poetry, spoken-word and Hip-Hop sure to enliven enrich and entertain
  • Drumming- The drum plays an essential role in accompanying the telling of Griot tales by speaking directly into the heart & soul of listeners 
  • Kwanzaa- Available to facilitate all aspects of Kwanzaa celebrations in a manner that is true to tradition and fun for all