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It was murder!

Cold blooded murder!


Shot in the back

By an officer of the law

Sworn to serve and protect

Unless you’re Black

Then you just get shot in the back


His name was Oscar Grant

Or was it Fred Hampton?

No it was Amidu Dialo

or maybe Abna Louima


Was it forty-one shots?

Fifty? Or just one?

His name was Sean Bell

His name was Rodney King


Was he unarmed? Asleep?

At home with his queen?

He was unarmed, facedown

and defenseless

yet they shot him in the back


It was murder!

Cold-blooded murder!


It happened on his wedding day

No it was New Year’s Day

but it was not a New Day

in America


It was just like yesterday

when a four year old girl heard the news-man say

Daddy was killed today

on an Oakland subway

while he lay unarmed, facedown

and defenseless


It was murder! 


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