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In the crossroads

where cross walks

are runways for Ghetto Queens


dope boys

are pharmacist,

serving ghetto fiends


abandoned dreams

in abandoned homes

transform to murder scenes


Congregations gather on the Amen Corner

sipping liquor & singing gossip


talking shit

and trading laughs


In the crossroads of Black and Brown

Cadillac caravans

cruise city avenues

while dodging red and blues


lights and sirens

giving Blacks the blues


Using sax as tools

Blues people create jazz to soothe


melodic notes

chased by marijuana smoke


In project hallways

where kids in the crossroads grow like zombies

rapping on drum beats

to escape the slum heat


In the crossroads

where Hell and Death meet

Faces in the stairwell

frozen in stale air


from cradle to gray hair

some of them stay there

some of them grave there


In the crossroads,

the middle of nowhere

tossed overboard

400 years

in the ocean of Despair.   


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