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Roots strong from Winter snows

Timeless blows of Autumn winds

Strip her limbs;

Exposing her soul to Winter cold.


Spring buds restore her beauty

Summer sun warms her soul

But in the distance

Autumn winds hint of change.


Gazing at Georgia plains

Her wooden eyes have witnessed a million lives

They’ve seen vibrant villages consumed by metropolis


She tells of brokered treaties and broken peace

wails war cries of fallen chiefs.


She belts ‘strange fruit blues’

Of branches bruised by

burnt black bodies

that dangled in despair

—Tales of terror—


She watched them tear and

untangle groves and orchards


Her branches blew fury

But found no wind

to bear her wrath


Southern Sycamore

now finds solace in Autumn’s laugh

For His breath brings promise


She ponders…prays…


Perhaps this Winter will be cold.

Perhaps a deep freeze will blanket then wash away

The school houses, the churches, and paved roads

Perhaps Earth will be as above


Then Spring will come.


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