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If I inhale deeply

I can still smell your scent

And it makes me remember….


Do you remember when we were birds

And we flew over the Serengeti

As we sang love songs?


Your wingspan wrapped warmly round my heart

We flew freely over river Nile

Watching crocodile swim in sunset


It was surreal and serene

Cattle grazed on plush green

Antelope glided across rivers

And Lions ruled the plains


The Golden orange moon emblazoned the night sky

And we were there, you and I;

Our sweet romance is timeless

Documented in the Heavens


Two lovebirds shall be born

And they shall sing of the other’s presence

Soaring through skies

Searching their lover’s sonnet

So they may sound in harmony

Singing love songs across continents and seas


Sailing through time

Two lovers in bliss

Spiraling the Universe

In patterns of passion

Praising the creator by professing their love


Their purpose was to be

One with the other for eternity

Something like destiny

Something like you and me


We were swans in Aswan

We sang love songs

Across the Serengeti

Do you remember the melody?


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